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What is Vitiligo Skin Disorder & What is Albaquin 20% Monobenzone Cream?

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First, we must investigate deeper into the understanding of what is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is widely recognized by the global medical community as a skin disorder in which a person (the patient) loses normal skin colour. Technically speaking – a person loses normal skin colour as white patches appear that contrast normal skin colour on various parts of the body. If smooth white patches are less than 5 mm in size then they are technically called as macules, when smooth white discolouration of skin occurring in size more than 5 mm, then these discoloured sections on the skin are known as Vitiligo patches. In some recorded cases or documented cases of Vitiligo worldwide the hair colour of Vitiligo patients also tend to loose their natural colour & turn into white colour.
The global medical community recognizes this skin disorder as an autoimmune disorder. In the case of Vitiligo skin disorder, the melanocytes in the skin are destroyed by the body’s own immune system. Melanocytes are recognized as the cells in the skin that produce a pigment called Melanin which are responsible for production of skin colour in the human body. Vitiligo is mainly described as an autoimmune response of the body to different internal & external environmental factors. The global medical community till date has not been able to pinpoint any single external orinternal factor as the single most causative or responsible factor for the occurrence of vitiligo in patients.
General probable causes of Vitligo
The exact causes or causes behind the occurrence of Vitiligo is widely unknown across the global medical community. But, there are a number of varied or different theories that explain the probable causes of Vitiligo in patients worldwide. These probable causes of Vitiligo are categorized as follows: –
  1. Auto-Immune Disorder (Patient’s immune system may develop certain antibodies that destroy the melanocytes in the skin)
  2. Neurogenic Factors (A substance that is toxic to melanocytes that may be released by the body’s immune system at the nerve endings in the skin)
  3. Genetic Factors (One may be genetically predisposed or may have a higher chance to inherent Vitiligo from the patient’s own gene pool)
  4. Self-Destruction Factors (a genetic or inborn defect occurring in the melanocytes that may be responsible for the self-destruction of melanocytes)
  5. External Environmental Factors (Vitiligo may be or could be caused by external environmental events such as continued physical or emotional stress)
All in all, these are the most widely recognized probably causes of the occurrence of Vitiligo in patients worldwide. It is possible that a combination of these probable causes are responsible for the occurrence of Vitligo in patients because no single probable factor is proven or ascertained to cause Vitiligo skin disorder.
The Types of Vitiligo
From the documented cases of vitiligo worldwide the global medical community has categorized Vitiligo Skin disorder into the following types: –
Generalized Vitiligo is where smooth white macules or smooth white patches appear on various parts of the body
Segmental Vitiligo is a type of Vitiligo that is restricted to one section or one part of the body. For example: Vitiligo on the face or appearing on hands
Mucosal Vitiligo is a type of Vitiligo that affects the mucous membranes of the mouth &/or genitals
Focal Vitiligo is a rare type of Vitiligo in which macules measuring 5 mm or less in size appear in a small area of the body & do not spread to other parts of the body within one or 2 years after initial occurrence
Trichome Vitiligo is a type of Vitiligo in which there is a white or colourless center followed by lighter pigmentation which is followed by a normally coloured skin
Universal Vitiligo is another type of rare case of Vitiligo in which more than 80% of surface area of the skin on the body has discolouration or large white patches which lacks the essential skin pigment medically known as melanin or called as melanin.
Is Vitiligo purely inherited?
As informed earlier that there is no single medically confirmed probable cause for Vitiligo occurrence in the body. No, Vitiligo is not necessarily inherited although worldwide documented cases indicate that approximately ~30% of Vitiligo cases are genetically inherited.
The Main Documented Problems Associated With Vitiligo
  1. Higher sensation to burning or tanning in white patches or white macules (the Vitiligo affected areas of the body), because of lack of melanin pigment inside the skin cells or melanocytes that are responsible to produce a skin pigment called melanin for uniform skin colour of the body.
  2. Observed or documented cases of Vitiligo that have abnormalities in their retinas (the inner layer of the eyes that contain light-sensitive cells) & some variation of eye colour documented in the irises of Vitiligo patients
  3. People with both with diagnosed Vitiligo & undiagnosed Vitiligo have a higher genetical predisposition or are more probable to get other autoimmune diseases like pernicious anaemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism, Addison’s disease & Alopecia Areata.
  4. Untreated or Undiagnosed Vitiligo patients are more susceptible to psychological distress or social isolation as this skin disorder when left undiagnosed or untreated can make the patient appear different than normal, thus making the patient anxious, irritable & depressed.
Various known methods used for Vitiligo treatment
  • Camouflage Therapy
  • Repigmentation Threraphy using prescribed Corticosteriods
  • Light Therapy
  • Skin Surgery
  • Depigmentation Therapy using prescribed Monobenzone cream
Prescribed “Albaquin”– 20% Monobenzone Cream
Albaquine Cream
Legal Disclaimer of Product
Monobenzone or medically known as MBEH is mainly a prescribed drug used in the depigmentation of Vitiligo skin disorder. Technically Monobenzone is also known as the monobenzyl ether of Hydroquinone.
One of the main treatment therapies of Vitiligo skin disorder is the prescribed application of Monobenzone cream in 20% strength concentration. Worldwide documented cases of Vitiligo have used this prescribed drug for the effective or active treatment of Vitiligo skin disorder.
Monobenzone is specifically prescribed for the active treatment of various types of Vitiligo skin disorder after studying or diagnosing the scale of Vitiligo occurrence in the patients who are suspected or diagnosed with Vitiligo skin disorder.
Worldwide documented cases of Vitiligo patients have shown or delivered satisfactory results of effective depigmentation into normal skin colour or even toned skin colour. The most common notable application of Monobenzone Cream for Vitiligo treatment is 2 to 3 times a day (twice or thrice). However, it is best left to the dermatologist or physician to prescribe the best frequency of application & the duration of treatment for each separate Vitiligo patient. In other words, the frequency of application of Monobenzone Cream may differ as per
the intensity or scale of Vitiligo occurrence on the skin of the Vitiligo patient.
Albaquin – 20% strength Monobenzone Cream is widely prescribed by dermatologists or physicians to treat various forms of Vitiligo skin disorder based on their specific study or diagnoses of each separate Vitiligo patient. Albaquin is available only on dermatologist or physician prescription for the effective or active treatment of Vitiligo skin disorder in known Vitiligo patients or known Vitiligo sufferers.
Albaquin -20% Monobenzone Cream is available for the prescribed treatment of Vitiligo skin disorder in 20 Grams Lami Tube pack with product leaflet on the inside of the pack. The application frequency & the duration of the treatment of using Albaquin – 20% strength Monobenzone Cream is as directed or prescribed by local
dermatologist or local physician, after the study or diagnosis of the patient suffering from Vitiligo skin disorder.
Albaquin – 20% Monobenzone Cream has increasingly been used in the active or effective treatment of Vitiligo skin disorder as a prescribed treatment for the overall treatment & relief from Vitiligo skin disorder.
Albaquin 20% Monobenzone Cream product leaflet has clearly mentioned – The Description of the drug – Albaquin Monobenzone Cream, its action & uses, Administration or Application Guidelines, Medically Known Side Effects & Precautions & Warnings.
The only authentically & medically known use of Albaquin 20% Monobenzone Cream is for the effective or active treatment of Vitiligo skin disorder only, as it is a Scheduled H prescribed cream (drug) to be applied under medical supervision only. The parent company – Puneet Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible if this drug is not applied as per the clear directions for application given in the product leaflet or if it is not applied under the medical supervision of a dermatologist or physician.
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Coroporate Activity

Africa Health ExCon 2023: Puneet Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. International Participation

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Puneet Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. was keenly waiting to participate as another opportunity to showcase its products in the international arena, particularly for the African & Middle Eastern Regions. This time, Puneet Labs again acknowledged the importance of the Egyptian market to showcase its APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) for the regions of African & Middle Eastern regions in the month of June 2023.
Puneet Labs was pleased to have been a part of this business event & exhibition at  Africa Health ExCon 2023, at the India Pavilion. “Our Business Development team headed by our Executive Director API: Mrs. Rashmi Jain; Senior Medical Advisor: Dr. Bijoy Deb and Executive International Marketing – Mrs. ChandraKumari Nadar, who all attended this international pharmaceutical business event on the behalf of Puneet Labs & had a business exhibit there.
Brief Background of this business event
This business event was inaugurated by H.E President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, The President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and was endorsed by the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement, Medical Supply and the Management of Medical Technology (UPA).
A little bit about Africa Health ExCon Cairo, Egypt: This was the second edition of Africa Health ExCon held in the year 2023 & this was held for the ongoing modernization & development of Healthcare Sector for the Egyptian market. This exhibition is regarded as the largest medical conference and exhibition in Africa that commenced on the 7th-9th February, 2023, at the Egypt International Exhibition Centre (EIEC) in Cairo, Egypt.
Africa Health ExCon 2023 brought together healthcare professionals, medical equipment manufacturers, and suppliers from across the continent to showcase the latest advancements in healthcare and medical technology. The event provided a platform for participants to network, share knowledge, and explore new business opportunities. With over 200 exhibitors and more than 5,000 visitors, Africa Health ExCon 2023 was a resounding success. The event featured a wide range of products and services, including medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare solutions.
What was the main focus of Puneet Laboratories at this event?
The main focus of the company at the event was as follows: –
  • Create New International Business Relations
  • Offer new products to new potential international clients
  • Generate Awareness of new Concept APIs among existing & potential new clients
  • Seeking International Trading Partners
  • Customizing specific grade APIs from our API product list based client requirements
  • Highlight awareness of APIs & their specific use in the various indications or health segments
Which were our flagship products for the event?
Puneet Labs had prepared for this international Pharmaceutical event. The company’s representatives prepared their respective sales pitches for each of the following APIs that have potential for growth in demand in the international markets. Following are the list of APIs which are the flagship molecules of Puneet Labs for its international markets: –
  1. Iron Polymaltose Complex (IPC)
  2. Polysucrose Iron Complex (PIC)
  3. Ferrous Bis Glycinate (FBG)
  4. Zinc Carnosine
  5. L Carnosine
  6. Monobenzone
What are the main USPs of Puneet Laboratories Pvt. Ltd’s flagship API products?
All flagship APIs of Puneet Labs are efficacious & as per the IP/BP/USP standards & in particular molecular concentration strength in pharmaceutical grade for treatment of various medical indications.
Also, Puneet Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. promises The Conceptual Inception to manufacturing of Finished Formulations support. To elaborate, Puneet Labs. provides all the required support right from the conceptual understanding the scientific know-how of the active pharmaceutical ingredients for various respective indications, to manufacturing of the final APIs & then developing concept based Finished Formulations in different therapeutic areas.
Puneet Lab’s concept APIs are manufactured as various branded Formulations drugs for active treatment of various poor health indications in the local Indian Market.
Visitors/Audience at our stall
Many companies from the Egyptian Healthcare Sector & various North African companies visited our stall to understand in-depth about our concept molecules that we are offering & for understanding the promise of ethical treatment of various medical conditions.
The Positive Highlights of this Exhibition for Puneet Labs
During the exhibition, Puneet Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. highlighted its conceptual technical expertise in providing quality raw materials of international standards IP/BP/USP to potential international clients or companies.
The key areas of expertise that Puneet Labs highlighted is its expertise in supplying key raw material ingredients for peptide chemistry, complexes & chelates. It also highlighted various mineral premixes & mixes of medicinal raw materials for the efficacious treatment of various health indications.
Puneet Labs paid a visit various representative offices of leading Egyptian Pharma Formulation Companies & offered them our list of concept pharmaceutical molecules that they can consider manufacturing & marketing into various finished formulations as per their areas of focus.
Puneet Laboratories has expertise & research-based specialization in the following areas which were highlighted during the event: –
  1. Iron Carbohydrate Complex
  2. Mineral Amino Acid Chelates
  3. Peptide Chemistry
What emerged from this event at Egypt for Puneet Labs?
For Puneet Labs. this event was a continuing strategy for having a strong presence for The Egyptian & North African markets.
Puneet Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. has understood that this is a price conscious market & it will be a challenge to offer quality healthcare products & competitive prices.
On each particular day we had representatives, particularly junior representatives of various companies who were interested to know more about our innovative or concept pharmaceutical molecules or active pharmaceutical ingredients.
There were also many pharmacists students & pharmaceutical marketing students who visited our stall to understand what we were selling & why we are selling these concept molecules to our potential international clients.
What is the key learning/takeaway from this event for Puneet Labs?
Representatives of Puneet Laboratories who attended this event have given their valuable feedback that the Egyptian market & the neighbouring North African markets are seeking to buy new innovative molecules, but are price conscious & will certainly take some more time to confirm the adaptation of new concept molecules for the efficacious treatment of modern day illnesses.
It was indeed a rewarding experience meeting leading experts and influencers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry of Egypt & neighbouring North African nations. They provided valuable feedback & insights into the latest advancements in the healthcare sector.
All in all, this exhibition has helped us to reshape our focus towards increasing our business in the Egyptian market & particularly the African continent. It has helped us realize the ongoing market trends & also helped us to measure the expectations of these markets.
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