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Iron Carbohydrate Chemistry

Iron Carbohydrate complexes are water-soluble and very stable. Because of the globular structure as well as the electron density of the iron core they can be visualized by electron microscopy. For preparation of carbohydrate-iron complexes only few of the hydroxyl groups of the carbohydrates are necessary for reaction with the ferric hydroxide.

Puneet has developed expertise on Iron Carbohydrate Chemistry over a period and are offering products which are very useful to reduce Iron Deficiency Anaemia worldwide.

Mineral Amino Acids Chelates

Minerals are a type of nutrient that your body needs to function properly. As your body cannot produce minerals, you must obtain them through your diet.

Chelated minerals are meant to boost absorption. They're bound to a chelating agent, which are typically organic compounds or amino acids that help prevent the minerals from interacting with other compounds.

We manufacture various combinations of Mineral & amino acids in the form of complexes and chelates in nutritional segments having rationale in various indications as under :

  • Haematinics
  • Osteoporosis
  • Immunity boosters
  • Cognitive care
  • Skin care
  • Cardiac care etc.

Peptide Chemistry

Peptides are gaining increasing popularity as therapeutics in modern times. Peptides are already being therapeutically used in diverse areas of medicine such as neurology, endocrinology and haematology.

Peptide Chemistry is a branch of biological science which lends itself useful for the discovery of ethical drugs in the treatment of human physiological problems.

Therapeutically, peptide chemistry offers a promising hope of integrating nature’s holistic way of caring with the intelligence of modern science.

Peptides play a pivotal role in the primary physiological and biochemical functions of life, thus directly supporting the much intricate biochemistry of in humans & mammals.

In comparison to small chemical entity drugs, peptide-based drugs possess definite & encouraging characteristics, including:-

  • Higher potency:  Peptide-based drugs generally are very active on their target receptor, which translates into a high effect at a low dose
  • Higher selectivity:  Peptides have a very tight fit to their receptors, which makes them much more selective than smaller molecules concluding that they bind only to their target receptor and are therefore less likely to be associated with serious adverse effects.
  • Better safety:  Peptides are naturally degraded in the bloodstream by circulating enzymes to their component amino acids. As these are natural biological products, peptide drugs are also associated with less accumulation in body tissue and fewer toxicity findings.
  • Peptides as active pharmaceutical ingredients offer a promise to revive & rejuvenate the pharmaceutical industry by developing & delivering novel techniques for present & future drug therapies. Since it is crucial to enable cost-effective & faster commercialization of peptide-based therapies, profound knowledge of peptide manufacturing methods will optimize yield & its purity for therapeutic & industrial use.

We at Puneet Labs envisioned the potential for peptide therapeutics and have now developed dipeptides under Neuro-segment. There is an ongoing research & development on products which are imported into Indian market so as to strengthen Make in India drive and support industry with local manufacturing.

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