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Iran Pharma Expo Exhibition 2023: Puneet Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. International Participation

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We at Puneet Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. were again very keenly waiting to participate within the Iran Pharma Exhibition 2023 as an exhibitor from the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry within this international exhibition. It was an interesting opportunity for Puneet Labs to represent the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry from India. In the past, whenever Puneet Labs had participated in international Iranian Pharmaceutical Exhibitions, it reaped the rewards from such similar participation as we had received relevant enquiries & orders for our APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) from Iran. This time too this Iranian Pharmaceutical exhibition (Iran Pharma Expo 2023) would prove as another opportunity in a continued string of opportunities to keep the business connects active & to boost the name of Puneet Labs in the Iranian Pharmaceutical market.
This time the Iran Pharma Expo 2023 was held from 27th of September 2023 to 29th September 2023. The venue for this prestigious event was The Grand Imam Khomeyni Mosalla of Theran, Iran. This event focused on the continuing importance of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical machinery & pharmaceutical marketing services in the overall growth & development of the Iranian Pharmaceutical market.
Middle East has been one of our focus international arenas for tapping untapped growth potential for Puneet Labs & its API products & Iran continues to be an important market for Puneet Labs within the Middle Eastern Region for continued business. Iran in the international arena has proven to be promising for Puneet Labs in the past & the company hopes to continue to capitalize on the existing business relations there to form deeper business ties there. This will ultimately help us to get more relevant enquiries for our APIs & will help to generate newer orders from Pharmaceutical companies in Iran. This time, Puneet Labs again acknowledged the importance of the Iranian market to showcase its APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) for the Middle Eastern region in the month of October 2023.
Puneet Labs was pleased to have been a part of this esteemed business event & exhibition Iran Pharma Exhibition 2023, at the India Pavilion.
This time Puneet Labs was represented by our Business Development team headed by our Executive Director API: Mrs. Rashmi Jain & Senior Medical Advisor: Dr. Bijoy Deb. Both of them attended this international pharmaceutical business event on the behalf of Puneet Labs & had a business exhibit there representing the API product range of Puneet Labs.
Brief Background & Salient features of Iran Pharma Expo 2023
Iran Pharma Expo 2023 was like its previous editions. It was held by the Iranian Pharmaceutical Industries Syndicate which had the collaborations, contributions & presence from the following industry bodies & regulators: Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the Iranian Food and Drug Administration (IFDA), Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and with the contribution of scientific and academic associations and more than 500 pharmaceutical companies.
Salient features of this event:-
Various International Exhibitors from various countries their existing & new potential products & achievements.
This event was attended by more than 500 international & domestic pharmaceutical organizations.
This event paved the way for exhibitors & visiting companies alike to forge stronger business relations based on existing business.
It helped pharmaceutical companies to find relevant business connections, business partnerships & business clients from the Middle Eastern Region particularly from Iran.
This event had special workshops which was attended with both visiting parties & exhibitors to showcase products & services.
This event will help maximize brand retention of branded pharmaceutical companies for their branded products.
This exhibition event had a collaborative effect of having an educative, informative & commercial integration of business presentations & business minds for creating a professionally synergistic environment for business & trade.
Since, this event was attended by business elites, regulators, trade & industry bodies & by college professors, doctors, student doctors & pharmaceutical marketing professionals, it became a relevant arena to educate, inform, create awareness & crack relevant deals with trading partners & new potential business clients for pharma companies.
What was the main focus of Puneet Labs at this event?
The main focus of the company at the event was as follows: –
  • Create New International Business Connects
  • Offering our existing & new products range to existing international clients
  • Offering our existing & new products range to new potential international clients
  • Creating Awareness of new pharma researched molecules as Concept APIs among existing & potential new clients
  • Seeking to find new interested International Trading Partners
  • Engaging the existing & potential new clients for customizing specific grade APIs from our API product list based client requirements
  • Highlight the growing awareness of various APIs offered by Puneet Labs & their specific use in order to focus on the various health indications of various health segments within The Iranian Pharmaceutical Industry.
Which were our flagship products for the event?
Puneet Labs was prepared for this international Pharmaceutical event. The company’s representatives who represented the company had prepared their technical-marketing pitches for each of the following listed APIs. All these mentioned APIs have potential for growth in demand in the international markets. The Flagship innovative API molecule products of Puneet Labs for its Iranian Pharmaceutical markets are as follows: –
  1. Iron Polymaltose Complex (IPC)
  2. Polysucrose Iron Complex (PIC)
  3. Ferrous Bis Glycinate (FBG)
  4. Zinc Carnosine
  5. L Carnosine
  6. Monobenzone
What are the main USPs of Puneet Laboratories Pvt. Ltd’s flagship API products?
  • Efficacious API products or molecules & as per the IP/BP/USP standards
  • Each API is available in particular molecular concentration strength
  • Each API is available in pharmaceutical grade in bulk quantity & in minimum pack sizes for repeat & 1st time clients or buyers
  • Puneet Labs API products can be used for the treatment for treatment of various medical health conditions.
  • Also, Puneet Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. always promises The Conceptual Inception of each respective API it offers to manufacturing of Finished Formulations support. To talk about this in detail, Puneet Labs. provides all the required support right from scientific know-how & the conceptual understanding of the active pharmaceutical ingredients for various respective indications, to the detailed know-how of manufacturing of the final APIs & after manufacturing the specific desired API then developing concept based Finished Formulations for different therapeutic areas.
All of the company’s concept APIs are manufactured as branded Finished Formulations or pharmaceutical drugs for active treatment of various poor health indications in the local Indian Market.
Visitors/Audience at our stall
Many companies from the Iranian Health Sector visited our stall to understand about our innovative concept APIs in-depth from our medical advisor: Dr. Bijoy Deb & from our Executive Director of API Division – Mrs. Rashmi Jain. They paid careful attention to the detailed presentation given by both Mrs. Rahmi Jain & Dr. Bijoy Deb about our concept molecules & what true potential & promise it has for ethical treatment of various medical ailments.
The Positive Highlights of this Exhibition for Puneet Labs
During the exhibition, Puneet Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. got a chance to interact with various interested personnel from various Iranian companies. This exhibition highlighted the continued importance of the conceptual expertise & strength of Puneet Labs in providing quality raw materials of international standards IP/BP/USP to both existing & potential Iranian pharmaceutical companies.
The key areas of expertise that Puneet Labs highlighted is its expertise in supplying key raw material ingredients for peptide chemistry, complexes & chelates. It also highlighted various mineral premixes & mixes of medicinal raw materials for the efficacious treatment of various health indications.
Puneet Laboratories has expertise & research-based specialization in the following areas which were highlighted during the event: –
  1. Iron Carbohydrate Complex
  2. Mineral Amino Acid Chelates
  3. Peptide Chemistry
Puneet Labs also got to interact with many doctors & student doctors during this prestigious pharmaceutical event held in Iran in October 2023. Also, Puneet Labs representatives got to interact with many professors & students of pharmaceutical & biochemistry colleges. Even students from Pharmaceutical Marketing courses visited our stall for an knowledgeable interaction.
What emerged from this event at Iran for Puneet Labs?
For Puneet Labs this exhibition event was a continuing strategy of having an international presence in the Iranian Pharmaceutical Market & to build stronger business relations for the times to come.
The company has understood that this is a price conscious market & it will be a challenge to offer quality healthcare products & competitive prices.
Every day of the event we had representatives & particularly junior representatives of various companies who were interested to know more about our innovative or concept pharmaceutical molecules or active pharmaceutical ingredients for the Iranian market.
There were also many pharmacists students & pharmaceutical marketing students who visited our stall to understand what we were selling & why we are selling these concept molecules to our potential international clients in Iran. Also, they enquired how our cutting-edge range of innovative API products will help to treat various health segments in stronger & more effective ways. They also wanted to know, how our APIs are innovatively efficacious & how our API products will help to treat the various health segments & therapeutic areas as a stronger & more effective health treatment tool.
What is the key learning/takeaway from this event for Puneet Labs?
Representatives of Puneet Laboratories who attended this event have given their valuable feedback that the Iran Pharma Exhibition event was more of a strategy by Puneet Labs to make its presence felt for the Iranian Pharmaceutical market on a continued basis. The company hopes to rope in new business deals & make new business connections by continuing to be strongly present for the Iranian Pharma Market by being present for this latest Iranian Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition Event. Puneet Labs has learnt that this is a price conscious market but this market will certainly & gradually give new orders or help form new trading & business client connections thereby helping Puneet Labs to boost its international exports of innovative APIs on of new concept molecules for the efficacious treatment of various modern day ailments.
Iran Pharma 2023 was such a pleasure to attend. This international pharmaceutical event has helped the representative staff of Puneet Labs, who attended this prestigious event to boost international business ties with existing trading partners & business clients.
It was indeed a rewarding experience meeting leading experts and influencers in Healthcare Sector & the Pharmaceutical industry of Iran. All visitors to our stall at the event provided us with much-needed valuable feedback & insights into the latest advancements in the healthcare sector in Iran. They also helped us to understand their minimum quantum requirements at their minimum expected purchase price from us. As indicated, this market is price conscious market but once the API product sells in their market, then we can expect repeat orders from existing clients. Potential new business clients take more time to decide & give us an order from Iran for our innovative API products.
All in all, this exhibition has helped us to reshape our focus towards increasing our business in the Iranian market & increase our presence in the overall Middle-Eastern region. Puneet Labs by continually making its presence felt at such prestigious international pharmaceutical events has realized the importance of stronger business connections & the untapped potential of the Iranian pharmaceutical market. The continued participation from Puneet Labs by being a part of Iran Pharma Exhibition held in October 2023, has helped Puneet Labs to understand the ongoing market trends & also helped us to measure the changing expectations of the Iranian Pharmaceutical Market.
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